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素材富厚了,大家才气下笔灵活,小编是支持模板派的,给大家分享考研英语常用写作句型,大家可以收藏。一、英语作文的衔接句01、A case in point is…一个典型的例子是…例句:A case in point is the generating capacity of renewables.翻译:在这一点上,典型的例子即是可再生能源的发电量。

02、As is often the case…由于通常情况下…例句:As is often the case, a smart building is the crystallization of collective wisdom and skills.翻译:一座完美的修建是团体智慧的和技巧的结晶。03、As stated in the previous paragraph 如前段所述例句:As stated in the previous paragraph this information is not completely trust worthy.翻译:如前段所述,此信息不是完全值得信任的。


04、But the problem is not so simple 然而问题并非如此简朴例句:But the problem is not so simple. We can't solve it this way.翻译:可是问题并不是这么简朴,我们也不能以这种方式解决。05、But it's a pity that… 但遗憾的是…例句:But it's a pity that the water is too shallow.翻译:只惋惜这水太浅了06、In spite of the fact that… 只管事实……例句:Josef Krips at the State Opera hired her in spite of the fact that she had never sung>翻译:只管她从未在舞台上演唱过,国家歌剧院的约瑟夫·克里普斯还是聘用了她。07、Further, we hold opinion that…此外,我们坚持认为…例句:Further, we hold the opinion that the aim to overcome the illegal Local-protective Act is to make the social efficiency max.翻译:此外,我们认为克服违法地方掩护行为的目的在于实现整个社会效率的最大化,而不是仅仅将克服违法地方掩护行为作为唯一的最终目的。

08、However, the difficulty lise in…然而,难题在于…例句:However the difficulty lies in the fact that we are short of money.翻译:难题在于我们缺乏资金这个事实。09、Similarly,we should pay attention to…同样,我们要注意…例句:Similarly, in economic work, we should pay attention to opening up the source and regulating the flow from time to time.翻译:在经济事情中,应该经常注意开源节省。10、not(that)…but(that)…不是,而是例句:I meant not he but you should pay attention to pronunciation.翻译:我说不是他而是你要注意发音。11、In view of the present station. 鉴于现在形势例句:In view of the present situation, we'll have to revise our original plan.翻译:基于现在这种情况,我们不得不修改原来的计划。

12、As has been mentioned above… 正如上面所提到的…例句:As has been mentioned above, all these devices are essential to remote control.翻译:如上所述,所有这些装置对遥控都是必不行少的。13、In this respect, we may as well(say)从这个角度上我们可以说例句:In this respect, we may as well define it as a model.翻译:从这个角度上,我们也可以将其界说为范本。

14、However, we have to look at the other side of the coin 然而我们还得看到事物的另一方面例句:The house is lovely and spacious, however, we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is the long distance from shops and schools.翻译:这屋子真的很温馨而且足够大,不外另一方面说,它离学校和超市又太远了。二、英语常用写作句型1.The cartoon vividly shows an important truth that…翻译:漫画生动地展现了一个重要的原理2.As is vividly depicted in the drawings 翻译:漫画生动地形貌了3.Clearly, the cartoon reveals a very common problem in our society 翻译:很显着,漫画展现了我们社会的一个普遍现象4.The implied meaning of the drawings is that 翻译:漫画的寓意是5.As is manifested in the cartoon 翻译:如漫画所示6.The two drawings stand in a sharp contrast 翻译:两幅图形成了鲜明的对比7.A ridiculous situation 翻译:一个可笑的场景8.To grasp the full implication 翻译:充实明白寓意9.With sweats trailing down the face 翻译:汗流满面10.There is no denying that… 翻译:毋庸置疑……11.There is a general assumption that翻译:人们普遍认为12.To make careful decision 翻译:认真做决议13.It is quite obvious that 翻译:很显着14.To draw our attention to 翻译:关注15.Upcoming翻译:即未来临的16. from the opposite perspective of翻译:从相反的角度17.To be deprived of 翻译:被剥夺18.Few people could pay attention to…翻译:关注……的人寥若晨星19.We can often encounter a scene where 翻译:我们经常遇到……的现象20.Commit a terrible blunder 翻译:犯下严重错误21.Defy the rules and regulations concerned 翻译:违反有关规章制度22.To be caught in a dilemma 翻译:陷入进退维谷的田地23.At the expense of 翻译:以……为价格24.To pose a threat to翻译:对……造成威胁25.To bite away at our mind 翻译:蚕食我们的心灵26.Will lead to distortion of minds and erosion of values 翻译:导致思想的扭曲和价值观的腐蚀27.Immature personalities and na?ve thoughts 翻译:个性不成熟和思想单纯28.To leave deep psychological wounds in their victims 翻译:给受害者留下了深深的心理创伤29.something harmful or detrimental 翻译:有害的工具30.from all spheres of life 翻译:来自生活的方方面面31. from the opposite perspective of翻译:从相反的角度32. the increasingly accumulated pressure翻译:日积月累的压力33. to suffer mental disorders 翻译:患精神疾病34. above vulgar interest 翻译:脱离低级趣味35. marathon talk 翻译:煲电话粥36. to satisfy their personal interests 翻译:满足小我私家利益37. to gain control of ourselves 翻译:控制自己38. Unintentionally or intentionally 翻译:有意或无意的39. It is of great importance that…翻译:重要的是40. It is worrisome that… 翻译:令人担忧的是。